Welcome to a brand new one stop shop for pre-schoolers and their parents.  Here on Bogglesox, you’ll not only find great shows, but also a ton of fantastic ideas about how to entertain and encourage your little ones in all areas of their development at such an important and exciting stage of their lives.


BOGGLESOX TV has been created by Magic2Media, a new company that concentrates on creating producing and hosting high quality digital stories, games and activities for kids.  The company is run by Bafta winning Writer/Producer Mellie Buse and Director Martin Franks who have many years’ experience in kids TV and Educational programming.  Among their varied credits are Grandpa in My Pocket, Ha Ha Hairies, Charlie and Lola, Waybuloo, What’s Your News and The Hoobs.  

Our shows are all are designed to enhance children’s emotional, physical and intellectual development in a way that’s original, engaging and fun.  And everything is underpinned by sound educational principles. 

We believe that great stories and believable characters are the most important ways to engage little kids, and if they’re engaged, they learn.  Everything we do is born of a passion to create stories that are aspirational, authentic and totally relatable to little kids today.